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I'm Jan. I love photography and I love weddings. Weddings give me the perfect space to be creative. While I enjoy doing portraits, I really thrive during the documentation of your day. Most of the time you will barely notice my presence and get authentic photos of all those amazing moments your wedding day has to offer.
I am based in Washington D.C.




I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'd love for you to do the same. I have a strong feeling that when we open up to each other and allow us to be more than service provider and client, we'll be able to create something special and meaningful together.

I see us as partners in crime. The more you allow me in, the more personal my work can become. Just think about how incredibly intimate and special to you this can get..


My main approach to photography is that I want to capture people, moments, things, that make me feel something and if they make me feel something, I can only imagine how much they can and will make you feel. I want these images to evoke deep feelings within yourselves. To not only be beautiful and artistic but also with a meaning to them and true emotion.

I strongly believe this is how your heritage should be seen by generations to come.


Most important for me is that you can and will totally be yourself on your wedding day. No overly staged photography. No dress hanging in trees or photos of rings that you don't need because you're wearing them on your fingers every day.

I want to capture you in the most authentic and personal way. I strive to capture authentic moments. Moments of your true self, your crying and your laughter. The real you.


I can't say enough good things about Jan. He was super easy to work with, and very professional. The photos he provided were incredible. Jan really captured every moment of our ceremony and reception without being in the way at all -- most of the time I completely forgot he was there (in a good way)! We would 100% recommend Jan to anyone, and hope to work with him again sometime soon :)


Jan was absolutely unreal!! From his professionalism and warmth, to his beautiful work. From the composition of the photos, to the editing, and just the moments he captured. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. He was amazing to work with and a joy to have with us at our party. I’m beyond words happy and relieved that we chose him for our wedding. We, as a family, will for sure use him for all of our future events :) Our photos came out wonderful!


I have never hired, or used, a professional photographer. However, we were getting married so naturally we needed a pro. Jan stood out because he made a note that he’s not the photographer that would get all in your face. He captures the candid moments and he goes to great lengths to ensure his clients understand this point. It’s something that stands out for me because I don’t like taking photos. Jan shot our wedding and the photos were perfect! I never noticed Jan was there and he managed to get all the shots even through the commotion of the day.

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