Krysta + Mike | Wedding in the Green Mountains of Vermont

On a warm and sunny day, love blossomed in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont as Krysta and Mike exchanged their vows in a picturesque ski chalet in Bondville. Surrounded by a select group of their closest friends and family, this intimate celebration was a true reflection of their love story.

The stunning backdrop of the Green Mountains added a touch of natural beauty to the occasion. As a wedding photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing every heartfelt moment. From the exchanging of rings against the breathtaking scenery to the laughter and tears shared among loved ones, this day was nothing short of magical.

Krysta’s radiant smile and Mike’s adoring gaze spoke volumes about their love. It was evident that they were meant to be together, and their wedding day was a testament to that.

The ski chalet provided the perfect cozy atmosphere for this special day, and the warm sunshine added a touch of golden magic to every photograph. From candid shots to formal portraits, every click of the camera captured the essence of their love story.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Krysta and Mike shared their first dance as a married couple, surrounded by the soft glow of twinkling fairy lights. It was a moment of pure joy and romance.

Krysta & Mike’s wedding in Bondville, Vermont, was a day filled with love, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime. It was an honor to be part of their special day and to document their beautiful journey as they embarked on this new chapter of their lives together.