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Photographing Sarah and Marco’s wedding was a wonderful experience! Their friends and family’s love and joy were palpable throughout the day. It’s hard to be unhappy when there’s so much excitement and happiness around you!

Sarah and Marco were married in a beautiful monastery and celebrated their reception at a rustic farmhouse and barn, which made for a really great ambience! They had carefully planned every detail of their ceremony and reception, and it really added to the wonderful vibe their venues gave off.

We began photographing early in the day and were able to get some great shots of the bridal party getting ready for the festivities. One particularly lovely shot showcased Sarah’s dress, backlit through a window. Her gown was very gauzy and flowed so elegantly! The light added just the right touch!

During the ladies’ preparation time, we also got some great shots of the bridal party’s flowers, made of pink roses, baby’s breath, and green mums. Sarah clearly has wonderful taste!

The bridal party enjoyed their preparations, popping a bottle of champagne and toasting to the celebration ahead. This sort of laid-back vibe always makes for a fun photo shoot!

The wedding ceremony itself took place in an old monastery, where the pews in the sanctuary were carved of a beautiful dark wood and were decorated with ribbons and flowers. There was beautiful light coming through the large stained glass windows above the altar, and it lent the ceremony a wonderful ambience. It was timeless and lovely!

Sarah arrived at the wedding venue in a classic car. Sarah’s father held her hand and her veil as they walked into the monastery. Both were smiling from ear-to-ear. It was a beautiful father-daughter moment! Meanwhile, Marco fought off the sun with a cool pair of sunglasses. He was a very stylish groom!

Sarah and Marco celebrated their reception at Kuenkele Muehle, a charming farmhouse and barn in Southern Germany. Kuenkele Muehle was cozy, quaint, and rustic, complete with a chandelier and exposed wooden ceiling beams. There’s something so romantic about venues like this; it really adds a great touch to the celebration!

Sarah and Marco’s wedding day was sunny and incredibly hot! We were able to capture some wonderful outdoor shots of both the happy couple and their guests; fortunately, you can’t feel the temperature in the photos! We ventured out onto the hillside and got a lovely shot of Sarah and Marco. We also did some family formals in front of the venue’s gazebo, which turned out really well!

Sarah wore a beautiful white strapless dress with a gauzy skirt. She rocked an elegant updo accented with fresh flowers. Marco wore a stylish dark blue suit and accessorized with dark suspenders, cuff links, and a spotted bow tie. He also wore a fantastic pair of purple socks, which we photographed with the rest of his accessories early in the day. Both Sarah and Marco were full of smiles all day long; they were so much fun to be around!

Sarah and Marco’s reception site was charming, set amongst grassy hillsides. To really emphasize the bucolic vibe, the farm played host to live ducks who celebrated alongside the guests throughout the day. Not something you see every day!

A full spread of cupcakes and other treats were beautifully displayed during the outdoor cocktail hour, set up in a sunny courtyard. It was a great place for guests to mingle and chat with Sarah and Marco while enjoying their snacks and drinks. Everyone seemed to be having a truly wonderful time!

Sarah and Marco opted to use red, pink, purple, and white floral arrangements, accented with greenery. Their decor was really well-suited to the farmhouse and barn.

Their three-tiered unfrosted cake was a piece of art unto itself! Accented with blueberries, strawberries, and white frosting flowers, the cake was displayed on the bar between two gorgeous pink flowers in glass vases, continuing the simple yet elegant vibe. Sarah and Marco even cut their cake with a sword, adding a very unique touch to the evening.

When dusk fell, the sky came alive with fireworks, ending the celebration on a wonderful note. We were so glad to celebrate with Sarah and Marco!