Tips for Efficient Family Wedding Photo Session

Capture every special moment of your big day while enjoying cocktail hour to the fullest. The right photographer will help you preserve the memories of your wedding day, but it’s crucial to know what goes into making sure you have all the photos you want. Here’s how to make the process of taking family wedding photos quick, stress-free and enjoyable.

Create a List
Don’t rely on your photographer to catch all your desired family photos candidly. Set aside time to think about which combinations of people you want to have in your photos and prioritize the ones you wouldn’t be able to get candidly. A good rule of thumb is to have about 20 combinations, including all important groupings. Don’t forget to include people’s full names.

Inform Family Members
Let your family know where and when the family photos will be taken by making an announcement at the rehearsal dinner. This will make it easier for your photographer and planner to gather everyone, and ensure that everyone is aware of the schedule.

Take Personal Shots First
Capture intimate moments with your close family members, such as one-on-one shots with your mom, before the ceremony. This way, you don’t have to add them to your list later and can keep the photo session moving efficiently.

Timing is Key
To ensure that everyone is available, take family photos immediately after the ceremony or when everyone arrives at the reception. This way, you won’t have to hunt anyone down during cocktail hour.

Start with the Big Groupings
Get the large group photos out of the way first, starting with the entire extended family, then releasing them one by one until only your immediate family is left. This will help the process become more relaxed as you progress.

Let Your Photographer Take Charge
This is the time for your photographer to be in charge and direct your family members. Let them know if your family needs instructions or extra management, and allow them to be bossy in a respectful way.

Stay Relaxed
Being surrounded by loved ones can be overwhelming, but staying calm and focused will help you get the photos done quickly. If you need a break, let your photographer know and step aside for a moment. Remember, your photographer is there to help you create something beautiful.